Centre for Medieval Studies

The Centre for Medieval Studies at Stockholm University encourages interdisciplinary research and supports the integration of a range of perspectives, methods and theories across several academic disciplines. Research is focused mainly on medieval Europe, from late Antiquity to the early Renaissance, but other cultural regions are also considered within the given time framework.

The Centre for Medieval Studies at Stockholm University functions as an umbrella organization for a variety of disciplines, including Archaeology, Art History, Economic History, History, History of Religions, Human Geography, Literature, Music, Numismatics, Philosophy, Physical Geography, Theatre, and Quaternary Geology; as well as a range of language departments, representing French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, and Scandinavian Languages.

Events organised by the Centre include seminars, workshops, conferences and excursions led by researchers from Scandinavia and other countries; activities are planned and developed by individual researchers as well as by groups of researchers working in co-operation, and new events are constantly under development.

The Centre for Medieval Studies co-operates with many institutions both within and outside of Sweden to plan and implement new research, and to provide courses with medieval themes. The Centre provides a 120-ECTS Master programme in Medieval Studies.

The director of the Centre is Professor Kurt Villads Jensen, and secretary Dr. Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist.

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News and events

  • Medieval Seminar
  • The next Medieval Seminar takes place on Monday 22 May 2017, when Thomas Ertl (Institut für Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte, Universität Wien), talks about “The Property Market in Late Medieval Vienna”. Time: 15:00–17:00. Place: Department of History, Stockholm University. In English. Reception after the seminar.
  • New book
  • Professor Kurt Villads Jensen's new book Korstågen: Européer i heligt krig under 500 år (Stockholm: Dialogos, 2017) has just been published. The book deals with the Crusades, the largest military campaign in the history of Western Europe. With their beginning nearly a thousand years ago, they lasted for over five hundred years. The Crusades assembled Europeans around the idea of ​​the necessary and just war, an idea that has continued to this day. The book is an informative and vivid insight into the history of this movement that began with the conquest of Jerusalem. In the following centuries, Europeans waged a long series of wars not only in the Middle East, but also on the Iberian Peninsula and in the Baltic region. These religiously sanctioned campaigns gave rise to the irreconcilable image of Islam as heretical and violent, but also to the first scientific studies in Europe of Islam as a religion. The book is the first Scandinavian overview of all the medieval crusades.