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News and events


One-day seminar on Reformation in Finland and Sweden, November 29 2017

On Wednesday November 29 will be arranged a one-day seminar on the Reformation year 2017 in Finland and Sweden. The different aspects of how the Reformation has been celebrated, studied, and used, are discussed in six presentations. In addition, you will have the opportunity to view early prints of Luther's work from the 1520s and 1530s at Stockholm University Library.

The seminar will be arranged in Swedish.

Place: Stockholm University, Frescati, Gula villan. Map D6.

Time: Wednesday 29 November, 10:00-17:00.

Sign up at the latest Friday 24 November: Kurt Villads Jensen or Olov Lund




Reformationsår 2017 och hur Luther skapade Finland och Sverige (Kirsi Salonen, Turku Universitet)

Donationerna till Nådendals kloster under 1500-talet (Anna-Stina Hägglund, Åbo Akademi)

Nyheter från Valland. Reformationsriksdagens utrikespolitiska impetus (Martin Neuding Skoog, Stockholms Universitet)

Att ha tron i hjärtat. Känsla och religiös praktik under Reformationen i Sverige (Mari Eyice, Stockholms Universitet)

Agricola: Finlands reformator på piedestal – ett monumentprojekt med potential och förhinder (Britt-Maria Villstrand, Åbo Akademi)

Hur mäter man Luther? Frihetshelt och/eller anti-demokrat (Kurt Villads Jensen, Stockholms Universitet)

Framvisning av Luthertryck (Leif Friberg och Gabriel Munck, Stockholms Universitetsbibliotek)

Moderator: Nils Erik Villstrand, Åbo Akademi


New book on climate and humanity in the past 12000 years

Dr. Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist has published a new book on how climate change has influenced the living conditions of humans in the past 12 000 years of history. The book is addressed at a broader public and is titled Klimatet och människan under 12000 år (Dialogos, 2017).


Birgitta Prize 2017

This year's recipient of the Birgitta Prize is art historian Professor Jan Svanberg, who is also associated with the Centre for Medieval Studies. He gets the prize for his research on St. Bridget of Sweden. Among his many works on the saint is the Imagines Sanctae Birgittae (2003), published together with Hans Aili, which examines the construction and dissemination of the image of St. Bridget in manuscripts produced in Naples in the 1370s. In addition to this great work, Professor Svanberg has addressed special problems in the research of St. Birgitta in a series of articles and papers. Svanberg's merits also include his ability to convey knowledge to non-specialists. Svanberg has been Professor in Oslo and his alma mater, Stockholm University. The Birgitta Prize is awarded annually by the non-profit association Birgittastiftelsen.The prize comprises 20,000 SEK and a silver medal of St. Bridget made by sculptor Ernst Nordin. The award ceremony took place in Vadstena on Saturday, May 6, 2017.


New book on the Sture dynasty

Dr. Bo Eriksson, Department of History, has published a new book on the Sture dynasty titled Stureätten: Sturarna. Makten, morden, missdåden (Norstedts, 2017).


New book on the Crusades

Professor Kurt Villads Jensen's new book Korstågen: Européer i heligt krig under 500 år (Stockholm: Dialogos, 2017) has just been published. The book deals with the Crusades, the largest military campaign in the history of Western Europe. With their beginning nearly a thousand years ago, they lasted for over five hundred years. The Crusades assembled Europeans around the idea of ​​the necessary and just war, an idea that has continued to this day. The book is an informative and vivid insight into the history of this movement that began with the conquest of Jerusalem. In the following centuries, Europeans waged a long series of wars not only in the Middle East, but also on the Iberian Peninsula and in the Baltic region. These religiously sanctioned campaigns gave rise to the irreconcilable image of Islam as heretical and violent, but also to the first scientific studies in Europe of Islam as a religion. The book is the first Scandinavian overview of all the medieval crusades.


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