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The Medieval Seminar

The Centre for Medieval Studies organises the interdisciplinary Medieval Seminar (Medeltidsseminariet) on a regular basis at the Department of History. It offers a platform for collaboration between different disciplines and an opportunity to present new publications, new projects, and work-in-progress. The speakers represent the different disciplines of medieval studies within the Centre. The medieval seminar also hosts lectures and seminars in which international visiting scholars present and discuss their research. Seminars are open to the public, both academic and non-academic.

Time: 15:00–17:00. Place: D900, Department of History, Stockholm University.


Autumn term 2018

Monday 10 September
Karin Hult & Jan Retsö, Institutionen för språk och litteraturer, Göteborgs Universitet: Alexanderlegenderna i tid och rum.

Monday 24 September

Philippe Buc, Department of History, University of Wien: Conceptions of War in Premodern Christianity, Islam(s), and Buddhist Japan: Of Time, Asceticism, and Other Issues.

Wednesday 26 September (NB date and place!), William Olssonsalen, Geovetenskapens hus Y, 1st floor.

Nora Berend, Cambridge University, Honorary Doctorate at Stockholm University 2018: The Weight of the Past: How Medieval Myths Influence Modern Identities.

Monday 8 October

Henrik Lagerlund, Filosofiska Institutionen, Stockholms Universitet: Skepticismens vara eller inte vara under medeltiden.

Monday 15 October

Louis Sicking, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/Universiteit Leiden, in collaboration with Centrum för Maritima Studier: Space, Agency and Conflict Management in the Late Medieval Baltic: Urban Colonies of the Hanse at Scania.

Monday 22 October

Maria Husabø Oen, Oslo & Stockholm Universitet: The Danger of Writing: Visual Strategies for Legitimizing Female Authorship in the Later Middle Ages.

Monday 5 November

Jonas Nordin, Kungliga Biblioteket: TTT: Text till tiden

Monday 19 November

Florent Audy, Kungliga Myntkabinettet: Pierced and Looped Coins as a Window into Viking-Age Mentalities.

Monday 3 December

Lena Liepe, Institutionen för musik och bild, Linnéuniversitetet: Presentation of the book A Case for the Middle Ages: The Public Display of Medieval Church Art in Sweden 1847-1943.

Thursday 13 December, 9:00-11:30 (NB date and time!), in collaboration with Urbanhistoriska seminariet.

Joakim Kjellberg, Institutionen för Arkeologi, Uppsala Universitet: Social identitet och materiell kultur i det medeltida Uppsala – ett arkeologiskt perspektiv.

Michael Otto, Historiska institutionen, Uppsala Universitet: Föreställningar om det nordiska stadslandskapet i narrativa källor ca 800-1200.

Monday 17 December

Rodney Edvinsson, Institutionen för ekonomisk historia: Reconstructing Swedish Historical National Accounts: How Far in Time Can We Go?

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