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The Medieval Seminar

The Centre for Medieval Studies organises the interdisciplinary Medieval Seminar (Medeltidsseminariet) on a regular basis at the Department of History. It offers a platform for collaboration between different disciplines and an opportunity to present new publications, new projects, and work-in-progress. The speakers represent the different disciplines of medieval studies within the Centre. The medieval seminar also hosts lectures and seminars in which international visiting scholars present and discuss their research. Seminars are open to the public, both academic and non-academic.

Time: 15:00–17:00. Place: D900, Department of History, Stockholm University.


Spring term 2018

Monday 5 February 2018
Alexandra Petrulevich, Agnieszka Backman, Simon Skovgaard Boeck, Jorunn Hartmann, Rasmus Ljungström, Andreas Lecerof (Uppsala University): Fornnordisk omvärldsuppfattning: workshop och projektpresentation. NB time: 14:00-17:00.

Monday 12 February

Jan Svanberg (Art History, Stockholm University): Furstebilder från folkungatiden. Nordens äldsta porträtt.

Monday 5 March

Jonatan Pettersson (Nordic Languages, Stockholm University) & Karl G. Johansson (University of Oslo): Presentation of the research programme Modes of Modification: Variance and Change in Medieaval Manuscript Culture. Reception after the seminar.

Monday 19 March

Mats Roslund (Archaeology, Lund University): Det islamiska Sicilien ur ett transnationellt perspektiv.

Monday 26 March

Sanna Supponen (Theology, University of Helsinki): Alphabetum distinccionum of Master Mathias of Sweden (d. c. 1350): Its Composition, Use and Intellectual Context.

Monday 9 April

Anna Minara Ciardi (Church History, University of Gothenburg): Katedralkapitel och katedralkultur i tidig nordisk medeltid - om behovet av omtolkning och nya begrepp.

Monday 23 April

Louise Berglund & Christina Ekholst (History, Uppsala University).

Monday 7 May

Joëlle Rollo-Koster (Department of History, University of Rhode Island): Papal Avignon and the Avignon Papacy (1309-1417): Case Studies in Historical Anthropology (Space, Bodies, Ritual).

Monday 21 May

Alan Murray (Centre for Medieval Studies, Leeds University): Tournaments and Chivalry.

Monday 4 June

Emmanouela Grypeou (History of Religion, Stockholm University): The Abomination of Desolation: Christian Responses to the Early Islamic Conquests.

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