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Research on the Middle Ages at Stockholm University ranges from the Viking Age to the Reformation in the sixteenth century. Research on medieval period has been focused on certain overarching themes that set historical phenomena in larger European contexts, where the dynamics between Sweden, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe has been central. Four themes emerge: 1) economic, material and environmental changes, 2) the emergence of politically demarcated territories, 3) the social significance of religions, ideologies and political culture 4) philology and linguistics of medieval languages, and 5) landscape, settlement and urbanisation in the Middle Ages. Much of the research takes place at the intersection of these themes.

Senior researchers and doctoral students from several different disciplines at Stockholm University are affiliated to the Centre. The research topics are broad: linguistic studies on medieval translation practice, syntax, lexicography, palaeography and edition philology; literary and philosophical studies of medieval theories of fiction, prose and poetry, logic and theology; studies on medieval decorative arts and architecture; investigations of the medieval landscape, its organization and use of material resources; and historical studies on social and political thought, ideologies, economic and cultural history, manuscript contexts, crusades and climate research.

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