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Interwoven communities of knowledge​: Early Modern Cosmopolitanisms (1450–1750)

Professor Elisabeth Wåghäll Nivre
Avdelningen för tyska

Cosmopolitanism challenges commonly recognized attachments to fellow-citizens, the (local) state, and (parochial) cultures. Cosmopolitanism can be found in the intersection of literature; intellectual, political, and cultural change; scientific, technical, and economic progress. The project is thus centered on a key topic in current early modern research: the rapidly growing exchange of ideas and knowledge across borders. By applying this idea of cosmopolitanism to 15th, 16th, and 17th century texts and images the project will fill a clear gap in 21th century scholarship: the little explored field of cosmopolitan ideas and practices in pre-Enlightenment Europe. The project focuses on early modern prose/travel narratives: on ways of seeing, viewing, and perceiving the world – on aspects of communication between narrator and reader, narrator and characters, and between characters in the text when establishing notions of “I/we”, “them”/“us”, “here”/“there”, etc.

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